Taxi Perfect Group

A group of independent taxi entrepreneurs under the umbrella of Taxi Perfect.

In addition to its own fleet, Taxi Perfect has contracts with a number of independent entrepreneurs / own drivers in the provinces of North Holland and West Friesland. These independent entrepreneurs operate under the name Taxi Perfect Group. Thanks to a well-organized cooperation and personal contacts, we can provide excellent services. Taxi Perfect Groep was created by the demand for organized passenger transport in the region of North Holland and West Friesland.

With more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in the field of passenger transport, we discovered that there is a need for organized cooperation between small independents. In this way, small entrepreneurs can provide a perfect service in accordance with the Passenger Transport Act 2000. Together we provide business and VIP rides on account for various organizations at a national level. Are you self-employed and interested in joining us? Feel free to contact us.

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